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Our Halo product, an enhanced supply-chain management system (SCM) based on blockchain technology helping companies track assets in the supplychain and become more transparent with their operations.

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Custom hardware-driven application

From B2B or B2E apps, we are creating high-impact, result driven and engaging mobile apps on all popular platforms with Native, Cross-Platform, and Hybrid Technologies.

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Automation System

Throw repeating tasks out. We are saving your time, money and energy through automating repetitive tasks in your business. Specialised in AI and Machine Learning, we can optimise many different business processes.

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With our rapid-development, tailored approach to IT we aim to deliver cutting-edge features and support. Empowered by 15+ years of combined experience in the field of IT, we have the knowledge to overcome any IT challenge.

What we’re about

We stick to the latest industry trends and standards to deliver powerful and secure software that fits any corporate environment perfectly, whilst delivering the best user experience possible.


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Vivatech TechCrunch 2019 - 'The Begining' wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech 2019!

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